Experienced, Effective, and Cost Efficient

Reinwald O’Connor & Playdon LLP was founded in 1876 at a time when Hawaii was still an independent Polynesian kingdom. The firm’s first two partners had served, respectively, as the King’s Attorney General and the Chief Justice of Hawaii’s Supreme Court. For the past 125 years the firm has provided its clients with experienced, effective and cost-efficient legal services. Reinwald O’Connor & Playdon LLP is not only one of Hawaii’s oldest firms, it is also one of its best.

The firm provides services to clients on each of the Hawaiian Islands and throughout the Pacific. Because of its core group of experienced trial and appellate attorneys, Reinwald O’Connor & Playdon LLP enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of Hawaii’s premiere litigation firms. However, the firm also offers expertise in a full range of non-litigation areas.

Reinwald O’Connor & Playdon LLP is a mid-sized firm with offices in the heart of Honolulu’s business district and a short walk from state and federal courthouses and administrative offices. The firm’s lawyers have diverse backgrounds and they all are actively involved in the affairs of their community.

The firm’s practice is divided into litigation and business services and represents large organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. Reinwald O’Connor & Playdon LLP provides each of its clients with all the resources of a large firm and the personal attention and collegiality of a small firm. At Reinwald O’Connor & Playdon LLP each matter receives the personal day-to-day attention of a partner with many years of experience in the relevant area of the law.

Reinwald O’Connor & Playdon LLP not only provides clients with experienced and effective legal services, it does so in a cost-efficient way. Moreover, the firm staffs each matter with an eye toward achieving the client’s objective as promptly and inexpensively as possible. Thus, each matter is staffed appropriate to its magnitude and complexity. The firm’s associates and legal assistants are employed so as to enhance the result for the client, while at the same time keeping the fees and costs charged to the client as reasonable as possible.